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  2. oh Andrew Orlowski was an Associate Producer on #AWOBMOLG right, (it don't say that on the credits though)...http://bit.ly/moqSKs

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  3. The only interesting thing about that Adam Curtis documentary is the evident psychopathology of Ayn Rand's gaze.

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    Adam Greenfield

  4. Adam CURTIS (n.) tapestry-weaving Sophist who feigns that placing Events betwixt each other does magically prove a CAUSE

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    Samuel Johnson

  5. "Adam Curtis insists that he is not a documentary maker, but a journalist". Perhaps, the way Glenn Beck is a journalist?

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    Evgeny Morozov

  6. Watching that Adam Curtis thing which so far seems like it's made by the Look Around You team. Is this a parody?! #foocamp

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    Tom Coates