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  1. PeteNorth303

    1. Let me spell this out. The EU polices its outer frontier. On Brexit, NI border becomes part of that frontier. We become a third country (10:52 9/24/17)
  2. PeteNorth303

    2. We do not want a hard border. That means we request that the EU does not police its frontier. (10:52 9/24/17)
  3. PeteNorth303

    3. This is instigated by leaving the EU - this is at our request. It is we who do this to ourselves - moving outside the frontier. (10:53 9/24/17)
  4. PeteNorth303

    4. So we have to devise a model for NI governance that allows the EU to refrain from policing its border. (10:53 9/24/17)
  5. PeteNorth303

    5. If we choose to diverge from existing regulatory regime and allow imports at differing standards then EU border is compromised. (10:54 9/24/17)
  6. PeteNorth303

    6. EU cannot make exceptions to its third country controls - they are uniform throughout, so it must police the border. (10:54 9/24/17)
  7. PeteNorth303

    7. So if the border is to stay unpoliced we need to agree to match regulatory regimes and have a means of controlled consultative divergence (10:55 9/24/17)
  8. PeteNorth303

    8. So we have to propose those systems. We have to propose something the EU can agree to so it does not have to enforce borders. (10:55 9/24/17)
  9. PeteNorth303

    9. Its not as simple as just leaving and agreeing not to have a border. The single market is a defensive system. (10:56 9/24/17)
  10. PeteNorth303

    10. If we are choosing to be outside of that system without agreement, therefore threatening its integrity, then border must be controlled. (10:57 9/24/17)
  11. PeteNorth303

    11. So if we don't want that we have to spell out how *our* outer controls and trade deals do not threaten theirs. (10:57 9/24/17)
  12. PeteNorth303

    12. This must be agreed in advance and as the petitioner the onus is on us. We have to conform to EU stipulations & they cannot bend to UK. (10:58 9/24/17)
  13. PeteNorth303

    13. It is petulant to suggest that we be able to do exactly as we please and it being EU's decision to enforce its border. (10:58 9/24/17)
  14. PeteNorth303

    14. EU cannot be expected to re-engineer its third country controls for the sole benefit of UK or turn a blind eye to UK divergence. (10:59 9/24/17)
  15. PeteNorth303

    15. If we choose not to have a consultative system, then a border is a consequence of *our* choices. (10:59 9/24/17)
  16. PeteNorth303

    16. This is what constrains us post-Brexit. That nebulous absolute sovereignty was never achievable. Exists nowhere in the modern world (11:00 9/24/17)
  17. PeteNorth303

    17. This is one of the trade offs we always had to examine and every decision has ramifications on the next. (11:00 9/24/17)
  18. PeteNorth303

    18. Complaining that the EU will police its borders if we choose the path of unilateralism is playing the victim. (11:01 9/24/17)
  19. PeteNorth303

    19. This is what we now call a "Liliconian Inversion" - the belief that the world revolves around us and the EU has to bend to our whims. (11:01 9/24/17)
  20. PeteNorth303

    20. When the thinking is that warped there is no possibility of explaining this reality to them, so really fuck this, I'm off to the seaside (11:02 9/24/17)
  21. PeteNorth303

    21. If this thread isn't clear enough, just forget responding. You are never going to get it. (11:04 9/24/17)