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    So apparently there's a thing called 'dilation' where transitioned females must stick a dildo in themselves not so much for pleasure but to make sure their vagina retains their shape.

    ...Give me an hour or so to get over this "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." feel.

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    ゴゴゴThe Juudeゴゴゴ

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  15. Ever tried to go swimming in a pool, or the ocean with an open wound?

    How about take a bath with an open wound?

    This is Jazz's life. Forever, and until he is an old man. Oh yeah, it also increases his risk of colon cancer.

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    Rosie's Virus Branding Crisis

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  25. Wearing a dress and/or cutting off your penis doesn’t make you a woman. Don’t believe me? Take a blind DNA test after your tally-whacker gets whacked and see what happens. You just got hoodwinked by Political Correctness gone amuck.

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    Tony Rodrigues

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  30. I tweeted this when I found out about it last year. twitter.com/juukuchi/statu…


    ゴゴゴThe Juudeゴゴゴ

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  32. Thankfully I cut my cable a few months ago. I suggest others do the same thing, hit the liberals in the wallet.

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    Ryan Lewis

  33. That family looks soooo proud. Anything for 15 minutes of fame, even if it’s f**ked up.

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    Angela J

  34. Oh, goodness. Once realised it was a child, puked. To do this kind of invasive surgery on the young & vulnerable adults just isn't ethical. Save us all from surgeons who commit such wickedness!

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  35. Never in my life have I considered my vaginal depth. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

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