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  5. Yay & nay.The cuckservative destroyed America by extending the golden rule to proto-bolsheviks--creatures who never have & never will extend ethical consideration to white people. They should be attacked by any means necessary: ruthlessly, relentlessly though not indiscriminately

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    Beau Sauvage

  6. Center right conservatives are always perpetuating anti-White PC framework of the left and thus inevitably hurting their own as a result. Saying 'Dems r da real waycists" or calling leftists "Nazis" is only effective w/ conservatives. They cede ground in culture war doing this.

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    Patriot Socialist 🇮🇹 🇬🇧 🍁

  7. Make them play by our rules instead of reinforcing their morality. We need to make their anti-white hatred far more unacceptable than blackface ever was.

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