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  8. Ukip national equivalent share of the vote is 17 %, down from 23 % on 2013, according to BBC. A DROP in my maths.

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    Patrick Wintour

  9. Hate to say this, but we really are going to have to start asking *why* the media are so supportive of UKIP.

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    Mike Harrison

    "Supportive" in the sense that they story this as a victory. Is it because that was always to be the narrative...

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    Mike Harrison

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  14. haha RT @DrEoinCl: Dear BBC, I am afraid the time has come for you to catch a bloody grip of yourselves. pic.twitter.com/rr8hV4ooed

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    Ben Get-Vaccinated Goldacre

  15. A staggering 65% of the electorate did not vote in Thursdays local and Euro elections. - that's the earthquake!

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    Jon Snow

  16. Important stats: Ukip share of the vote was 17% on 36% turnout. So they won about 6% of total electorate. And support fell 6% from last year

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    Ian Birrell

  17. The number of UKIP councillors across the whole of London, Manchester, Birmingham & Liverpool combined is..



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    Ciaran Jenkins

  18. This pretty much sums up my feelings on this week's election coverage pic.twitter.com/uXx69Mvu0x

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    Dean Burnett

  19. INFOGRAPHIC. What UKIP's astonishing success in local elections would mean if applied to General Election #Vote2014 pic.twitter.com/qf0hgZ5EJh

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    David Schneider