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    Daily Mail trying hard to avoid saying Thomas Mair agreed with everything they write - bit.ly/2foycko via @newsthump

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    James Oh Brien

  2. Missing tweet: 801761491338805248

  3. Here's the Daily Mail offering a plea in mitigation for Jo Cox's killer that he didn't make himself, either to police or at trial.


    Stuart Millar

  4. As a side-note, the Daily Mail now seems horrified by the idea of a single occupant being asked to leave a council home with three bedrooms


    Tom Phillips

  5. So it was her fault for not helping her murderer and the fault of immigrants for worrying him in the first place.


    Colin Yeo

  6. also, check out the work that dash is doing. story only claims he *thought* she wouldn’t help him; headline structure implies it as a fact

    Alan White @
    I shouldn't be shocked, I guess. But I genuinely am.

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    Tom Phillips

  7. Missing tweet: 801767765975646208

  8. The question is more what kind of editor would allow this story to be published?


    Alexander Clarkson

  9. Missing tweet: 801783289547751424

  10. The Mail has always been firmly on the side of unemployed single men living in three bedroom council houses "at the taxpayer's expense".


    James Oh Brien

  11. Are @JohnLewisRetail unwilling to “make editorial judgment" on paper that implies Jo's murder was her own + immigrants fault?

    Gary Lineker 💙 @
    To the gutter.

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    simon wren-lewis

  12. Problem is Dacre identifies far more with Mair than with Jo Cox twitter.com/paulistapark/s…