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    Of course it's sincere. This is only a surprise if you've absorbed all the anti-European nonsense written in British papers for years.

    Mark Stone @
    With seemingly genuine sincerity, @eucopresident Donald Tusk ends his news conference with "we already miss you. Thank you and goodbye"

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    Carl Gardner

  2. Missing tweet: 846979471022440451

  3. I have more "shared interests and values" with people on the continent than with anyone who voted to Leave. They are the foreigners, to me.

    UK Prime Minister @
    PM on triggering Article 50: This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back. planforbritain.gov.uk/news/prime-min…

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    barney farmer

  4. To me, personally, it is a bloody horror. Europe is the only identity I've ever understood.

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    Nick Harkaway