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  13. Something also not often discussed about this study is that it was conducted during the prisoners rights movement where prison violence was normative/expected because of the media coverage. Ps enacted this. But only some.

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    Dr. Katy DeCelles

  14. Is the audio publicly available? I want to hear it too

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    Nate Kornell

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  16. We shouldn’t be leading students to lump Milgram’s experiment in with Zimbardo’s, should we? There were certainly ethical problems with Milgram’s study, too, but his basic finding has been replicated multiple times.

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    Nicole McNeil

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  21. Would love to assign this recording in my class. Please do provide the link if it’s available.

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    Tom Carpenter

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  24. On the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE) bombshell:

    I also attended Haslam's excellent talk and heard the tapes; indeed, they’re shocking. It's clear the SPE was an elaborate production; "subjects" were coached on how to act and informed about the intended results.


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    David Amodio

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  26. Listen to this: Zimbardo's Warden meeting with Guard in SPE (start @ 8:38) purl.stanford.edu/wn708sg0050

    Is it
    A. Guard conforming naturally to role
    B. Experimenter engaging in identity leadership—presenting brutality as necessary for worthy ingroup goals
    C. Neither

    D. See results

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    Alex Haslam

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  28. A major difference of course is that the prisoners could leave at any time in the replication. With that, the guards have no power whatsoever. I wonder if there would be a way with modern IRBs to have a replication where the prisoners really couldn't leave.

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    Wil Cunningham🇨🇦

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  30. Another debunking of the already pretty thoroughly debunked Stanford Prison Experiment.

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    Sam Freedman

    There's a book to be written about the group of psychologists - like Zimbardo, Stanley Milgram (who did the electric shock compliance experiment), and Solomon Asch - who created an incredibly influential literature around conformity and evil.

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    Sam Freedman

    All of them were immigrants or children of immigrants writing in the aftermath of the horrors of WW2. All had political views around the subject that led them to push their conclusions far further than the evidence allowed.

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    Sam Freedman

    Yet their studies continue to be cited in pop psychology and media because they speak to a deep fear we all have about our capacity for collaboration with evil.

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    Sam Freedman