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  18. 1/ The most important word in your thread is “scenario”. I ordered a new MacBook Air because I still need or prefer a Mac for some scenarios. But my most used, and favorite, computers, are my iPads (a Pro and a mini) and my iPhone X.

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    Walt Mossberg

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  20. 2/ They haven’t replaced the laptop. They’ve replaced almost all the *scenarios* for which I formerly needed the laptop. I’d much rather grab one of my iPads for almost anything I need to do than use the Mac. I expect my new MacBook Air to be my last laptop.

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    Walt Mossberg

    3/ I still stand by my first iPad review, from 2010, which talked about how it could take over from the laptop by being better or more convenient at specific common tasks. Not at specs, nor on everything you could do with a laptop eight years ago. allthingsd.com/20100331/apple…

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    Walt Mossberg