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    It’s one of those nights where I just lay awake wondering if humans are capable of living forever and we’re all just allergic to water.

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    Josh Too Well🧣

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  3. ConeyAllen

    Sunn O))) Day Real Estate

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  5. @JoshHelfferich Hi. Why am I following you again? Who did you use to be on twitter?

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    Darren Goon

  6. @JoshHelfferich my money's on oxygen. Look what happened to that OxyClean guy.

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  7. Hi! I'm Josh. I created @textinstagram, but since it ran its course, I figured that I'd keep entertaining you here. I only mean well. :)

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    Josh Too Well🧣

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  11. @JoshHelfferich and all this time I as wondering when did I follow that guy...

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    Angad Pal Singh

  12. @JoshHelfferich You're definitely a smooth smoothie, Mr. Switcharoo. The crybabies can always hit the lil' unfollow button. I'm staying.

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  13. @textinstagram I’m glad to see you’re picking it up. What that guy did is beyond bad manners.

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    Cesar Pinera

  14. @JoshHelfferich Very nice switcheroo you did there. I'm going to continue following because I admire the whole scheme. Keep it entertaining

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    Name cannot be blank

  15. Follow the Unfollowing of used to be @textinstagram now @JoshHelfferich 60586 as of Sunday 4:05p

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    John Powers

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