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    Serious question: has Letterpress broken Game Center?

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    John Gruber

  2. Missing tweet: 261597869293830146

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  4. @gruber Hey - been trying out Letterpress. People keep quitting before I finish a game with them...

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    Tom Coates

  5. @gruber I think it has. Pretty crazy. Apple should be really happy that Letterpress exists and uses Game Center.

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    Brian Zeitler

  6. @gruber Certainly, and it took iMessages down with it. Hardware company.

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    Derek of the Edmund Fitzgerald

  7. @stuhelm I still haven't downloaded Letterpress - will be looking into it tonight :)

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    Tim Chaten

  8. I owe the GameKit team some beers for making Letterpress possible.

    They can owe me a couple too, for the last few hours.

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    Loren Brichter