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    Something I've noticed while I've been in the US: the Fahrenheit scale just sounds like a random number generator to me.

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    Jeremy Keith

  2. @adactio I find the fahrenheit scale is useful when its hot, and centigrade when it's cold...

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    Kevin Marks

  3. @kevinmarks @adactio Saw this recently. I'm Australian & used to celcius but interesting points - goo.gl/0SOq9

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    Michael P.

  4. @adactio The only SI we care about here comes with a swimsuit issue.

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    Matt May

  5. @adactio 100 is terribly hot. 0 is terribly cold. 32 is freezing. 70 is a perfect sunny day.

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    John Gruber

  6. @adactio we use random numbers to confuse foreigners with more intelligent temp measurement.

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    Hans Sprecher

  7. Missing tweet: 49487404045840451

  8. @adactio That should give you a slight feeling how a german feels in britain with inches, yards, stones and gallons. :)

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  9. @adactio We are way into horsepower here. We also measure masculinity by it.

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    Mark Eagleton

  10. @adactio @krystman Horses are sacred animals in the USA.
    Like, they don't eat them.

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    Tale of Tales