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    Flickr has finally introduced a feature I've wanted for a long time: Privacy geofences for location-tagged photos. team.soell.us/9jWy

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    Andy Soell

  2. starvedfool

    David Rathbun

  3. Flickr's new geofences allow levels of privacy for your geotagged photos: kelso.it/x/19u /cc @kpomfret

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    Nathaniel V. KELSO

  4. Good to see Flickr is still evolving. They've just introduced geofencing bit.ly/rkLJRf

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    Andrew Girdwood

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  6. Holy crap. Flickr did something kind of new: geofences. offs.me/21k

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    Aaron Hockley 💉😷

  7. What do you think of Flickr's new geofences? Are social sites finally embracing privacy controls? me.lt/9vbDB

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    Mike Lee

  8. loving the awesome new @Flickr Geofences privacy setting! dir.kg/flickrgeofences

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    Dirk Ginader

  9. Flickr launches a feature: Geofences. They launch one feature in eons, and it never is anything big. Reason I ditched pro account in 2010.

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    Abhishek Baxi

  10. Ok, Flickr's new geofenced privacy settings are pretty friggin cool. bit.ly/ppNFE0

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    Patrick McGarry

  11. Flickr jumps on the personalized privacy bandwagon with geofences: bnwd.me/qX8LCz Google+ has made privacy cool. I approve.

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    Ben Werdmuller

  12. isaach

    Isaac Hepworth

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  14. Would really love to see the Twitter API have something like geofences as well. bit.ly/ppNFE0

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    Andy Carvin

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  16. Flickr's new "geofences" feature is exactly the kind of bright idea for which they're known. More, please! code.flickr.com/blog/2011/08/3…

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    Yoz Grahame

  17. It was about time Flickr did something truly awesome: Geofences! code.flickr.com/blog/2011/08/3… Excellent!

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  19. geofences by @Flickr brilliantly done. privacy in location based systems implemented in a neat way.

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  20. Geofences from @Flickr ~ yes! All location tools should be noting this. Huge for education :) code.flickr.com/blog/2011/08/3…

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  21. flickr introduces geofences. great idea, but probably in the wrong social network bit.ly/o8VGPq

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    Steve Clancy

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  23. Pretty sweet use of geofences by Flickr, though it'd be cool if you could also limit access to photos this way. bit.ly/nWLNxp

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    Jon Pierce

  24. Though geofences are nice, I'd like to see more useful innovations by Flickr. This is just a whistle without a bell. bit.ly/qzhZwf

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  25. Pretty interesting that Flickr introduced geofences- j.mp/rg7kLV. Geofences are so cool yet no one uses them.

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    Mike Jacobson

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