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    To folks using PicPlz, Instagram, and/or Path instead of Flickr, what's your reason? Curious what inspires switching/usage.

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    Anil Dash

  2. @anildash Try browsing your contacts photos on the Flickr mobile web or iPhone app. It's like sifting through postage stamps.

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    Buzz Andersen

  3. @anildash: I use flickr mainly as an archive of everything I shoot, and instagram for fun stuff I want to share with friends.

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    Andy Carvin

  4. @buzz @anildash Ditto Buzz's comments. Instagram's entire experience is optimized for the iPhone. Flickr's isn't.

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    John Gruber

  5. @anildash @instagram is just so seamless - you can improve the photo, write a caption, and distribute it to many services at once.

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    Sterling Zumbrunn

  6. @gruber @buzz @anildash Can one of you fine gentlemen then tell me why @instagram's mobile website isn't optimized for the iPhone?

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    Mark hougaard.eth

  7. @gruber @buzz @anildash Hell Flickr iPhone app is still missing retina graphics in a lot of areas, says something about it's maintenance

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