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    an au in which bestfriends johnny and taeyong end up adopting a 3 year old donghyuck who automatically call them "dada" and "papa" respectively

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    but get this: johnny and taeyong really are just that, best friends. they've never gone beyond cuddling or maybe holding hands during scary movies, so suddenly having a kid seemed like a daunting change of pace.

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    except it wasn't.

    it almost came naturally, like they were made for this.

    when hyuck wakes up from nightmares in the middle of the night, johnny and taeyong take turns in lulling him back to sleep.

    sometimes, hyuckie requests he sleeps with either of them.

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    the one time hyuckie asked if he could sleep between his papa and dada, taeyong and johnny didn't even bat an eyelash, because they do cuddle from time to time.

    nothing out of the ordinary.

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    they're practically married, even though they aren't, and maybe there is a shift in their relationship, but it's subtle. unnoticeable.

    it's seen in the way their hands linger longer, fingers threaded in between, the way johnny wakes taeyong up by hugging the sleep out of him.

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    the way hyuck immediately toddles in to squeeze between their hug, the way it's so natural for taeyong to lift the toddler up into his arms so they can grant his wish.

    the way johnny accidentally calls taeyong honey, and they don't even notice until 3 hours later.

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    the question just comes up one day, a day like any other.

    "we're practically married," johnny states, matter of fact. taeyong doesn't even look from the dishes he's been washing, handing another plate for johnny to wipe.

    "i guess," taeyong hums.

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    "i don't mind," johnny puts the plate in the higher cabinet, takes taeyong's gloves to store it in the drawers. "like--everything."

    taeyong's brows furrow.

    "johnny?" he squints. "are you proposing to me?"

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    "well--no," johnny hesitates, stutters, looks everywhere but at the newly-bleached blonde mop in his line of vision. "i mean yeah, like, in a couple of years--"

    taeyong keeps his gaze solid, allows johnny to find his words.

    "i'm saying that we could be boyfriends. if you want."

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    there's a pause in their conversation. in the silence, the muffled sounds of pohroro rhymes echo within their little loft.

    "okay," taeyong nods, almost too casual, if not for the blush coloring his cheeks. "i'm cool with that."

    johnny beams, bright and wide.

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    "can i kiss you?" johnny asks, and taeyong chews on his bottom lip, picks on the drying skin.

    "yes. please."

    so johnny does. he moves forward, cups taeyong's cheek with his dry hand, kisses him softly, gently.

    there are no fireworks.

    only comfort.


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    and it's perfect.

    until, of course, they're interrupted by a pitter-pattering of little feet, a loud shriek of "WAH. PAPA AND DADA ARE KISSING. KISSING!"

    johnny and taeyong forego the kissing for a chorus of giggles instead.

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    donghyuck is quick to run to the pair, arms raised and waiting. johnny is quick to pull him up, cradle him between them.

    "hyuckie wants kisses too!"

    what would johnny and taeyong do? say no?

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    they pepper donghyuck's plump little cheeks with kisses, until the toddler has decided he has enough, and has covered his cheeks with his hands.

    "enouuugh! i've had enough kisses now!" he sing-songs, slinking down between the couple so he could run back to the living room.

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    "papa and dada can go back to kissing each other! thank you!"

    johnny and taeyong look at their little bundle of joy with nothing but love, endearment.

    perhaps a hint of exasperation.

    "you heard the little guy," johnny quips, leaning close, lips ghosting over taeyong's own.

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    taeyong answers by flinging his arms around johnny's neck and closing the distance.

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